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I'm a transport and local development specialist at Università Bocconi. I'm interested in transport economics and policy and in the evaluation of local development policies. Born in Chiaromonte-Montegrano, where Banfield wrote the popular book "The moral basis of a backward society", I think places matter and that the development of cities and regions depend not... Continue Reading →

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In a recent paper, Ugo Fratesi, Paola Proietti and I have documented the negative correlation between social capital and the propensity to host refugees and asylum seekers. This paper investigates the institutional and socio-economic determinants of the location of asylum seekers in the case of Italy where, to face the pressure of arrivals, a complex... Continue Reading →

E' di pochi giorni fa la notizia dell'ulteriore taglio di Alitalia alle rotte servite da Malpensa: anche Roma sarà ormai quasi irraggiungibile dallo scalo lombardo. In un paper recente, abbiamo stimato in 14.000 posti di lavoro il costo del de-hubbing di Alitalia. Qui un articolo de la Repubblica sul nostro articolo, mentre di seguito l'abstract:... Continue Reading →

In a recent paper published in the International Political Science Review, Paolo Graziano and I have documented the impact of media in altering the perception of voters' regarding specific items. In particular,we analyse the mechanisms of agenda setting by focusing on the determinants of individual attitudes towards crime and investigating the role played by the... Continue Reading →

(Updated version of an older post) The following (titles of) research projects are meant to provide ideas I’m interested in for students wishing to write a dissertation under my supervisio. DES/ESS students may want to consider those themes also for “special projects” with credit assignment. Topics with “*” are suitable topic also for undergraduate final... Continue Reading →

The bankruptcy of Hanjin is symbolic of a sector in trouble Shipping is an important sector but at the same time very fragile, in crisis especially because of an oversupply that has led to the construction of too many and too large vessels, thanks also to low interest rates. The future, says Marco Percoco of... Continue Reading →

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