Ideas for dissertations and research projects for Bocconi students

(Updated version of an older post)

The following (titles of) research projects are meant to provide ideas I’m interested in for students wishing to write a dissertation under my supervisio. DES/ESS students may want to consider those themes also for “special projects” with credit assignment. Topics with “*” are suitable topic also for undergraduate final paper. Here is a pdf file.

All themes have an applied nature and require handling small-medium datasets with standard statistical and econometric tools.

Should you be interested in discussing the possibility to write your dissertation or to carry out a special project, please send an email to me to book an appointment:


  • Geographical determinants of the rise of the Milan Stock Exchange*

The geography of financial flows towards Milan in the first part of XX century


  • Financialization of urban space*

The geography of urban development funds


  • The geography of financial crimes*

The geography of money laundering, usury and “aziende confiscate”


  • The great depression and the changing geography of mergers and acquisitions*

Geographical exploration of the new dataset bought by Bocconi library


  • The geographical political economy of populism and fear*

The economic geography of Brexit and Trump election


  • The geography of Sovereign Wealth Funds strategies*

Analysis of the investment of SWFs by geographical market


  • Spatial clustering and bank productivity (1890-1973) with an analysis of banking crisis in Italy

Analysis of the recent dataset of the Bank of Italy. As for the crisis (1929 and 2007), see Conti-Cova-La Francesca, Le crisi bancarie in Italia nell’Ottocento e nel Novecento: cause e svolgimento”


  • Causes and consequences of illegal and informal housing in Italian provinces.

The aim is to understand whether illegal housing (abusivismo edilizio) is driven by low social capital or by supply restrictions.



  • The local impact of the container revolution

The aim is to estimate the effect of the introduction of the container on structural change of US counties.


  • Bike usage and the London Congestion Charge

The aim is to estimate the effect of the introduction of the London Congestion Charge on the propensity to use the bike in London areas.


  • The effect of Turin-Milan high-speed rail on the spatial equilibrium

The aim is to estimate the effect of HSR on the spatial inequality within the cities.


  • Spatial modeling of road accidents in Bergamo

The aim is to estimate a spatio-temporal model of road accidents in Bergamo


  • The evolution of car stock in Lombardy

The aim is to describe the evolution of car stock in Lombardy by using detailed data at vehicle-level over the past 10 years.


  • The effect of contaminated sites on salary and housing prices

The aim is to compare salaries and housing prices of cities located in contaminated and hazardous areas with similar cities.


  • How do green commercial vehicles react to road pricing?

The aim is to estimate the effectiveness of road pricing in promoting the usage of green vehicles for urban logistics.


  • Spatial modeling of fines in Turin 2011-2015

The aim is to estimate a spatio-temporal model of fines to car users in the city of Turin over the years 2011-2015. The database accounts for all fines issued in those years.


  • The effect of EXPO on air traffic *

Application of synthetic control to MXP, LIN e Orio


  • Fascist new towns*

Development trajectories with respect to other similar places


  • Un’analisi dei provveditimenti dell’Autorità di Regolazione dei trasporti (in Italian)


  • Analisi dei recenti provvedimenti dell’Antitrust nel settore del trasporto marittimo.




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