(Updated version of an older post) The following (titles of) research projects are meant to provide ideas I’m interested in for students wishing to write a dissertation under my supervisio. DES/ESS students may want to consider those themes also for “special projects” with credit assignment. Topics with “*” are suitable topic also for undergraduate final... Continue Reading →


A wonderful opportunity for those interested in studying cities and regions. The GSSI is launching the PhD in Urban Studies and Regional Science. The aim of the PhD is to address issues related to local development with specific reference to industrial clusters, economic, social and spatial dynamics of cities, regional development, governance of urban policies,... Continue Reading →

Last month Bocconi's Facebook page has featured my office, with a nice description of my attitudes and a picture I like: "3-b2-03 Urban planning and uncontaminated nature; work and origins. Marco Percoco, Assistant Professor in the Department of Policy Analysis and Public Management, always has a work tool nearby, like a book that presents the... Continue Reading →

Marco Percoco

I'm a transport and local development specialist at Università Bocconi. I'm interested in transport economics and policy and in the evaluation of local development policies. Born in Chiaromonte-Montegrano, where Banfield wrote the popular book "The moral basis of a backward society", I think places matter and that the development of cities and regions depend not... Continue Reading →

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