Land reform boosts education in the long run

After too much time, I have just finished a draft paper on the long run impact of land reform in Italy, probably the first place-based policy in the country. I have found a positive effect on education in the medium and in the long run and a positive, although not always significant, effect on entrepreneurship … Leggi tutto Land reform boosts education in the long run

Rural regions close to a city benefit more from EU Cohesion Policy

EU Cohesion Policy contributes to regional growth by about 1%. The effect is higher in rural regions close to a city (+1.6%). Those are the results of a paper co-authored with Luisa Gagliardi and titled "The impact of European cohesion policy in urban and rural regions: a regression-discontinuity approach".   Abstract: There is an extensive … Leggi tutto Rural regions close to a city benefit more from EU Cohesion Policy

Regional perspectives on policy evaluation

The evaluation of public policies is of paramount importance for modern policy making, especially in a period of severe budget constraints. The literature has proposed several methods to deal with the issue of causality and counterfactual evaluation in a variety of contexts, with an increasing attention to the local dimension. My book aims to present … Leggi tutto Regional perspectives on policy evaluation

L’effetto dell’Ecopass sugli affitti

L'Ecopass ha garantino un apprezzamento degli affitti degli immobili in centro di +0.75%. I risultati in questo paper con Filippo M. D'Arcangelo. Di seguito l'abstract. To cope with severe problems of pollution and congestion, a road pricing scheme (the Ecopass) to enter the city centre was introduced in Milan in January 2008. This paper assesses … Leggi tutto L’effetto dell’Ecopass sugli affitti