Publications (Pubblicazioni)

My research is related to Transportation, Sensitivity analysis of transport and regional models, regional science and local development policies, Long run regional development.

This page reports a list of my publications. Here you can find papers I am currently working on.


Articles on transport geography

“The impact of intercontinental air accessibility on local economies: Evidence from the de-hubbing of Malpensa airport”, joint with M. Cattaneo and P. Malighetti, Transport Policy, 2018, 61(1):96-105.

“An evaluation of the introduction of the Global Navigation Satellite System for railways: case studies from Italy”, Journal of Rail Transport Planning and Management, joint with O. Baccelli and G. Siciliano, forthcoming.

“Cost distribution and the acceptability of road pricing: evidence from Milan’s referendum”, Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, 51(1):34-46.

“The impact of road pricing on accidents: a note on Milan”, Letters in Spatial and Resource Sciences, 9(3):343-352.

Highways, local economic structure and urban development, Journal of Economic Geography, 16(5):1035-1054.

Heterogeneity in the reaction of traffic flows to road pricing: a synthetic control approach applied to Milan, Transportation, 2015, 42(6):1063-1079.

Housing rent and road pricing in Milan: evidence from a geographical discontinuity approach, joint with F.M. D’Arcangelo, Transport Policy, 44(November):108–116.

Quality of institutions and private participation in transport infrastructure investment: evidence from developing countries, Transportation Research A, 2014, 70(December):50–58.

The impact of road pricing on housing prices: preliminary evidence from Milan, Transportation Research A, 2014, 67(September):188–194.

The effect of road pricing on traffic composition: evidence from a natural experiment in Milan, Italy, Transport Policy, 31(January):55–60.

Is road pricing effective in abating pollution? Evidence from Milan, Transportation Research D, 2013, 25(December):112–118.

Infrastructure investment and growth in developing countries: does the type of contract matter?, Journal of Infrastructure Development, 2012, 4(2):139-152.

Are Project Appraisers Chiromancers?, Applied Economics Letters, 2012, 19:237-241.

Urban Transport Policy and the Environment: Evidence from Italy, International Journal of Transport Economics, 2010, 37(2):223-245.

Mega-projects and Regional Development in the Italian Experience, joint with L. Senn, SR-Italian Journal of Regional Science, 2010, 9(3S):5-14.

Airport Activity and Local Development: Evidence from Italy, Urban Studies, 2010, 47(11):427-443. [reprinted in: A. Graham and P. Morrell (eds), Aviation Economics: Critical Concepts in Economics, Routledge, forthcoming]

Ports and Local Development: Evidence from Italy, joint with C. Ferrari and A. Tedeschi, International Journal of Transport Economics, 2010, 37(1):9-30.

Port Authorities As Cluster Managers: The Case of Ligurian Ports, joint with O. Baccelli and A. Tedeschi, European Transport, 2008, 39:44-58.

Estimating Individual Rates of Discount: A Meta-Analysis, joint with P. Nijkamp, Applied Economics Letters, 2009, 16(12): 1235-1239.

Transport Networks and Spatial Choices: A European Perspective, jointly with A. Reggiani, Introductory notes for a Special Issue of Transport Reviews, 2007, 27(5): 525-528.

Would You Stick to Using Your Car Even if Charged? Evidence from Trento, Italy, jointly with C. Fiorio, Transport Reviews, 2007, 27(5):605-620.

A Social Discount Rate for Italy, Applied Economics Letters, 2008, 15(1):73-77.

Infrastructure and Economic Efficiency in Italian Regions”, Networks and Spatial Economics, 2004, 4(4):361-378.

Articles on local development

Labor market institutions, sensitivity to the cycle and the impact of the crisis in European regions, Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie, 2016, 107(3):375-385.

“Agenda setting and the political economy of fear: how crime news influences voters”, joint with P. Graziano, International Political Science Review, 2016, 38(5):520-533.

The impact of European cohesion policy in urban and rural regions, joint with L. Gagliardi, Regional Studies, 2017, 51(6):857-868.

.Impact of European cohesion policy on regional growth: how much do strategy and local economic structure matter?, Regional Studies, 2017, 51(6):833-843.

Strategic planning and institutional collective action in Italian cities, Public Management Review, 2016, 18(1):139-158.

Homeownership and Saving Preferences: Evidence from Italy, Letters in Spatial and Resources Science, 2015, 8(2):141-149.

Selective migration and regional growth: Evidence from Italy, joint with U. Fratesi, Regional Studies, 48(10):1650-1668.

Local labour market conditions and the spatial mobility of science and technology university students: evidence from Italy, joint with N. Dotti, U. Fratesi and C. Lenzi, Review of Regional Research: Jahrbuch für Regionalwissenschaft, 2014, 34(2):119-137.

Local labour markets and the interregional mobility of Italian university students, joint with N. Dotti, U. Fratesi, C. Lenzi, Spatial Economic Analysis, 2013, 8(3): 443-468.

Strategies of regional development in European regions: are they efficient?, Cambridge Journal of Regions Economy and Society, 2013, (2013) 6 (2): 303-318.

Multi-level governance at work: Evidence from Structural Funds Management in Lombardia (Italy), joint with Michele Giove, Environment and Planning C – Government and Policy, 2009, 27(3):381-393.

Service Industry and Cumulative Growth in the Regions of Europe, joint with S. Dall’erba and G. Piras, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, 2009, 21(4): 333-349.

The European Regional Growth Process Revisited, joint with S. Dall’erba and G. Piras, Spatial Economic Analysis, 2008, 3(1):7-25. [Best 2008 paper]

Risk Aversion, Regional Welfare State and Private Pension Plans, Applied Financial Economics Letters, 2008, 9:33-36.

The Impact of Structural Funds in the Italian Mezzogiorno, 1994-1999, Region and Development, 2005, 21:141-153.

“North-South Disparity, Complementarity and Competition Within Italy”, joint with S. Dall’erba, SR – Italian Journal of Regional Science, 2003, 2:29-49.

Articles on long run local development

“Plague and long-term development: the lasting effects of the 1629-30 epidemic on the Italian cities”, joint with G. Alfani, Economic History Review, forthcoming.

“Wealth inequality, redistribution and local development. The case of land reform in Italy”, Environment and Planning C – Politics & Space, forthcoming.

Entrepreneurship, Family Ties and Land Inequality: Evidence from Italy”, Growth and Change, 2015, 46(3):443-457.

Health shocks and human capital accumulation: the case of Spanish flu in Italian regions, Regional Studies, 2016, 50(9): 1496-1508.

Built to last: population aging and long run development in metropolitan Europe, joint with L. Gagliardi, International Journal of Global Environmental Issues, 2015, 14(1-2).

Path dependence, Institutions and the Density of Economic Activities: Evidence from Italian Cities, Papers in regional science, 2014, 93(1):53–76.

Social capital and the innovative performance of Italian provinces, joint with L. Gagliardi and R. Crescenzi, Environment and Planning A, 2013, 45(4), 908-929 [reprinted in F. Crespi and F. Quatraro (eds), The Economics of Knowledge, Innovation and Systemic Technology Policy, Routledge].

The fight against disease: malaria eradication and regional development in Italy, Economic Geography, 2013, 89(2):105-125.

Geography, Institutions and Urban Development: Evidence from Italian Cities, Annals of Regional Science, 2013, 50(1):135-152.

Entrepreneurship, Social Capital and Institutions: Evidence from Italy, Spatial Economic Analysis, 2012, 7(3):339-355.

Regional disparities in Italy over the long run: the role of human capital and trade policy, joint with L. Gagliardi, Region and Development, 2011, 33:81-105.

Articles on sensitivity analysis of transport and regional models

Temporal aggregation and spatio-temporal traffic modeling, Journal of Transport Geography, 46(June):244–247.

On the Sensitivity Analysis of the IIM: A Rejoinder, Risk Analysis, 2012, 32(1):7-8.

On the Sensitivity Analysis of Internal Rates of Return, joint with E. Borgonovo, International Journal of Production Economics, 2012, 135:526-529.

On the Local Sensitivity Analysis of the Inoperability Input-Output Model, Risk Analysis, 2011, 31(7):1038-1042.

Sensitivity Analysis of Portfolio Properties Under Budget Constraints, joint with E. Borgonovo, International Journal of Mathematics in Operational Research, 2011, 3(3):295-321.

Estimating Forecasting Accuracy of Temporally Aggregated Space-Time Autoregressive Models, Applied Economics Letters, 2007, 14(9):637-641.

A Note on the Inoperability Input-Output Model, Risk Analysis, 2006, 26(3):589-594.

Structural Change Decomposition Through Global Sensitivity Analysis of Input-Output Models, joint with G.J.D. Hewings and L. Senn, Economic Systems Research, 2006, 18(2):115-131.

Chapters in books

“Innovation, social capital and regional development”, joint with R. Crescenzi and L. Gagliardi, in R. Crescenzi and M. Percoco (eds), Geography, Institutions and Regional Economic Performance, Springer, 2013.

“Economic structure, reaction to the crisis and entrepreneurs’ expectations in a mature regional economy: the case of Lombardia”, joint with D. Baiardi, in B. Dallago and C. Guglielminetti (eds), Local Production Systems and Global Economic Crisis: responses and restructuring, Routledge, 2012.

“City Logistics in Italy: Success Factors and Environmental Performance”, joint with C. Vaghi, in C. Macharis and S.M. Melo (eds), Sustainable City Distribution, Edwar Elgar, 2011.

“Contingent Valuation”, in K. Button and P. Nijkamp (eds), Transport Dictionary, Edward Elgar, 2010.

“Hedonic Prices”, in K. Button and P. Nijkamp (eds), Transport Dictionary, Edward Elgar, 2010.

“Regional Disparities and the Growth of Nations”, jointly with M. Alderighi, in U. Fratesi and L. Senn (eds), Growth in Interconnected Territories, Springer-Verlag, 2009.

“Convergence in Europe in Light of Structural Analysis of National Economies”, joint with S. dall’Erba and G.J.D. Hewings, in A. Reggiani and P. Rietveld, Policy Analysis of Transport Networks, Ashgate, 2007.

“The Fiscal Implications of Infrastructure Development”, joint with R. Cohen, in J. Benavides (ed.), “Increasing Infrastructure Investment in Latin America and the Caribbean”, Inter-American Development Bank, 2005

Publications in Italian

“Identità territoriale e migrazioni: prime evidenze empiriche per l’Europa”, joint with B. Biagi and A. Faggian, in Annali del Dipartimento di Metodi e Modelli per l’Economia, Il Territorio e la Finanza 2013/2014, forthcoming.

“L’effetto dell’Ecopass sull’incidentalità”, joint with G.J.D. Hewings, in A. Bramanti and G. Gorla (eds), Competitività territoriale, trasporti, politiche, Milan: Egea, 2014.

Il tocco della grazia. Pensieri, analisi e proposte per la Basilicata, Osanna Editore, 2013.

“L’occupazione delle terre in Basilicata: determinanti politiche ed economiche”, QA La questione agraria, 2013, 4: 79-98.

“Rete autostradale e sviluppo urbano in Italia”, l’Industria, 2013, 1:181-196.

“Fiscalità urbanistica e consumo di suolo”, joint with A. Zanardi, in Vedaschi (ed.), Verso una nuova urbanistica, NIS, 2013

“Attività estrattive e creazione di nuove imprese in Basilicata”, Rivista Economica del Mezzogiorno, 2012, 4:881-898.

“Analisi Costi Benefici di grandi infrastrutture di trasporto e Wider Economic Effect: una rassegna”, joint with F. Cattaneo, Politica Economica, 2011(1):125-150.

“La dimensione spaziale della crisi del 2008-2009”, SR-Italian Journal of Regional Science, 2010, 9(2):101-104.

“Le relazioni pericolose: finanza locale e dispersione urbana”, in E. Anessi Pessina, M. Sicilia, I. Steccolini (eds), Bilanci pubblici tra riforma e prassi: quali sfide per il futuro?, Egea, 2011.

“La governance multilivello e le politiche di sviluppo locale: una valutazione empirica dei Programmi Integrati di Sviluppo Locale (PISL) della Regione Lombardia”, joint with M. Giove, in C. Sumiraschi (ed.), La valutazione come opportunità per lo sviluppo regionale, Franco Angeli, 2010.

“Analisi Costi-Benefici e Ambiente”, in F. Ferlaino (ed), Strumenti per la valutazione ambientale della città e del territorio, FrancoAngeli, 2010.

“L’azione collettiva per il rilancio delle città: il caso della pianificazione strategica”, joint with E. Gigliarano, Foedus, 26(2010):52-71.

Megaprojects and Regional Development in Italy, special issue of SR-Italian Journal of Regional Science, n. 4/2010.

“Mega-projects and Regional Development in the Italian Experience”, joint with L. Senn, SR-Italian Journal of Regional Science, 2010, 9(3S):5-14.

Project financing e capitali privati nello sviluppo di infrastrutture, (eds with L. Senn and R. Cohen), Egea, 2008.

“Politica fiscale, investimenti pubblici e criticità del project financing”, joint with R. Cohen, in Percoco, M. L. Senn and R. Cohen(eds), Project financing e capitali privati nello sviluppo di infrastrutture, Egea, 2008.

“Crescita regionale ed infrastrutture: una rassegna ed alcune evidenze empiriche dal caso italiano”, in Percoco, M. L. Senn and R. Cohen(eds), Project financing e capitali privati nello sviluppo di infrastrutture, Egea, 2008.

“Analisi economica della finanza di progetto”, joint with R. Cohen, in Percoco, M. L. Senn and R. Cohen(eds), Project financing e capitali privati nello sviluppo di infrastrutture, Egea, 2008.

Petrolio e sostenibilità. Economia e politiche per lo sviluppo locale in Val d’Agri, Regione Basilicata, 2005

Politica ambientale, reti e territorio, (eds with G. Gorla), Egea, 2005.

“Introduzione”, joint with G. Gorla, in Gorla e Percoco (eds), Politica ambientale, reti e territorio, Egea, 2005.

“The making of environmental policy in an Input-Output framework”, in Gorla e Percoco, (eds), Politica ambientale, reti e territorio, Egea, 2005..

“Stima e analisi di sensibilità di un modello discreto di scelta modale”, joint with C. Fiorio, in E. Venezia (ed.), Economia dei trasporti urbani, Francoangeli, 2005.

“Infrastrutture e sviluppo locale: una prospettiva di governance”, Impresa e Stato, n. 66/2004

“Alternative Policies for Solid Waste Management”, Politica Economica, n.2/2004

“L’edilizia popolare in una comunità del Mezzogiorno: il caso di Potenza”, con A. Percoco, Urbanistica Informazioni, n. 194/2004

Trasporti e sostenibilità ambientale (eds with L. Senn), Egea, 2003.

“Introduzione”, joint with L. Senn, in Percoco e Senn, in Percoco e Senn (eds), Trasporti e sostenibilità ambientale, Egea, 2003.

“Infrastrutture ed esternalità ambientali: problemi teorici e metodologici”, in Percoco e Senn (eds), Trasporti e sostenibilità ambientale, Egea, 2003

“Analisi del rischio di un portafoglio immobiliare: un’estensione del metodo RER”, AF Analisi Finanziaria, n.3/2003

“La contabilità ambientale come strumento di gestione del territorio”, Studi economici e sociali, n.4/2003

“Liberalizzazione dei servizi idrici e sviluppo locale”, joint with L. Senn, Management delle Utilities, n. 3/2003

“L’efficienza tecnica nel settore dei servizi idrici”, Economia Pubblica, n.5/2003

“Infrastructure and regional advantage: lessons from Europe”, in Trasporti, n. 88/2003

“I trasporti marittimi nel processo di integrazione euro-mediterranea”, in Economia Marche, n. 2/2003

“Le città della New Economy”, in Impresa e Stato, n. 60, 2002

“Efficienza e regolazione nel settore dei trasporti pubblici locali”, in l’Industria, n. 3/2002

“Percezione del tempo e dello spazio e irreversibilità nella valutazione degli investimenti”, in L. Malfi e D. Martellato (a cura di), Il capitale nello sviluppo locale e regionale, FrancoAngeli, 2002.

“Potenzialità, prospettive e politiche per lo sviluppo del settore turistico bergamasco”, joint with C. Lira, in Rapporto sull’economia bergamasca (2000-2001), CCIAA Bergamo.

“Physis e Tecne ovvero del cambiamento climatico e dell’innovazione tecnologica”, in Equilibri, n. 1/2001.

“Criminalità ambientale: un’analisi economica”, in Economia delle fonti di energia e dell’ambiente n.1/2001.

“Strumenti economici per il controllo dei rifiuti solidi urbani”, in Economia & Ambiente, n.1/2001.

“La tariffa sui rifiuti solidi urbani: strumento di politica economica ambientale?”, in Economia Pubblica, n. 5/2001.

“Sviluppi nella teoria della valutazione degli investimenti” in M. Ravasio e L. Senn (a cura di), Investire in infrastrutture, Egea, 2001.

“I rifiuti solidi urbani: una sfida per lo sviluppo sostenibile”, joint with S. Cima, in Equilibri n. 3/2000.



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